My First Blog Post

Thanks for reading past the snappy headline, I figured that sometimes things don’t need to be over thought.

If you have already checked out the about me page then you might have gathered what this site is going to be about. If not, don’t panic because I am about to give you a quick run down of what’s involved. Over the next 12 months or possibly even longer if everything goes well, I’m going to be writing about my past travel experiences, as well as some of the short trips I have planned over the coming months.

The idea is to share some lighthearted and easygoing advice to anybody who may be considering visiting these places. Or for those of you stuck in work/the library trying desperately to do anything other than what it is you should be doing, some inspiration for your next break away from it all.

If you’re anything at all like me and you have a ridiculously short attention span, you probably gave up reading after the first paragraph. If not, I would like to say a big thank you for taking your time to read my first blog post and I would really appreciate it if you would share it with your friends.



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