Laptop Travel Ban. Will it affect me?

Will the ban on elctronic devices bigger than a mobile phone affect you?

You may have heard in the news that there is now a ban on laptops and certain eletronic devices being brought on in your hand luggage. The first question most people will ask is, how will this affect me? To keep it simple, it depends on where you are travelling from.

Flights to the UK

All flights from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Turkey are included in the ban.

Flights to the USA

Flights from Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the UAE, which includes Abu Dhabi and Dubai airports are all listed on the US ban.

What does it mean?

This means that an electronic device bigger than 16 x 9.3 x 1.5cm (basically anything bigger than a mobile phone) cannot be brought on in your hand luggage. This includes tablets, laptops, e-readers and even some of the bigger smartphones. It also affects those travelling through the listed airports with an onward flight to the UK or the US. For example, someone flying from Hong Kong to London via Istanbul could use their laptop on the initial Hong Kong to Istanbul leg, however they would then need to store it in their checked baggage for the Instanbul to London journey.

While US Department of Homeland Security has said that this ban is not indefinte, they haven’t provided an end date so it looks like it will be here for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, travellers will have to revert to newspapers and crosswords to keep themselves occupied!

At least Royal Jordanian Airlines have seen the funny side of it


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