Photographic Journey Along The Trans-Siberian Rail

Following my last post which reviewed Vodkatrain, I wanted to share some photos from the trip of a lifetime with you. I hope you enjoy them as much I enjoyed looking back over them.

Stop 1 Beijing – The Great Wall of China. Looks great in the snow, the view not so much
Beijing Train Station
Our first view of home for the next few weeks
Nice and cosy on board
Changing Wheels on the Train
Changing wheels at the Mongolian border
Bright and early in Mongolia
The Gobi Desert in Winter
Blue skies over the Gobi Desert
One Horse Town
One horse town
Ger Camp Terelj National Park
Terelj National Park and our accommodation, traditional Ger tents 
Horse Riding Terelj National Park
Into the West pt2 
Perfect Snowflake
Most perfect snowflake I have ever seen!
Lake Baikal Snow
Beach days at Lake Baikal near Irkutsk 
Husky Sledding through the forest in Irkutsk
Modern Huskies
Drinking With Russian Soldiers
About 60 hours into a 75 hour train journey – Vodkatrain lived up to its name
The Kremlin
Checking out the gunshow in the Kremlin
St Basils Cathedral
St Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square – Nailed it
Russian Dolls at the Market
Russian dolls in the Christmas market at Red Square, Moscow
Moscow Subway
The Moscow subway is a work of art
Hermitage Museum
The Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg – Formally a huge gaff
Church of Spilled Blood
The Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood, St. Petersburg – They love a dramatic name 
St Petersburg
The journey must come to an end 😦

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