United Airlines Versus Your Worst Travel Experiences

By now I’m sure we’ve all seen the footage of a doctor being dragged of a United Airlines flight, if not, climb out from under your rock and check it out here.


While the fact that this one turned violent was the most shocking aspect of it, I think we’ve all had our less than memorable travel experiences.

For me it was a bus journey, or rather a mini-bus journey from Vang Vieng, the home of tubing and therefore monster hangovers, to Luang Prabang in Laos. While Google Maps will tell you that it’s a three and a half hour journey, let me tell you now, it is not! It’s not even close. Factor in  my birthday the day before along with a day of tubing and drinking local whiskey, and you have all the ingredients for a nightmare waiting to happen.

When our “VIP” bus arrived, it was quickly apparent that it was not for very important people. Because I was the last one on, I had the pleasure of sitting in the front between the insane driver, and and a 60 year old local man who somehow managed to sleep the entire way. To summaries the trip, it was:

  • 7 hours long
  • Stopped for forty minutes because a truck had crashed on the road, in the middle of nowhere
  • Some of the worst road surfaces I have ever seen
  • Some of the windiest roads I have ever been on as the journey passes through the mountains
  • The driver constantly beeped the horn – as in every 30 seconds, for six hours!
  • The air conditioning was about as powerful as a mouse breathing
  • To top it all off, the driver also ran over a puppy which, had I been in the back I would have missed, but because I was in the front, and in an emotionally hungover state, I witnessed it all 😦

I know there are longer journeys out there, and I am sure there are worse roads to travel. However, the combination of bad roads, bad drivers and bad hangovers made this one of my worst travel experiences.

Have you had a worse experience? Comment below and share with the rest of us.


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